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How Color Psychology Influences Your Business Website Profits

Colors have dramatic effects on human emotions – they can inspire, motivate, sooth or agitate the mind. Leveraging color psychology can make your online presence stand out in a crowd of competition attracting more business and nearing your goal of earning more.

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6 Classified Facts About Your Webpage Content

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Does Your Website Resemble A Christmas Tree? Change It!!! 10 Tips To Make Your Website Design Worth Multi-Million Dollars

Christmas tree decoration at homes, offices, public and commercial spaces is perhaps the most exciting part of the celebration. The larger the tree, more colorful is its appearance with all kinds of tiny balls and trinkets hanging from it. But when it comes to your website, it better not have a Christmas-Tree-like-look with too many colors, photos, and texts competing for space.

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SEO for Dentists in 2018: 10 Tips to Dominate the Local Search

SEO trends for dentists in 2018 are going to be more in line with user satisfaction. The entire process will revolve around meaningful content that is promoted with authentic links and social media presence.

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10 Top Awe-Inspiring Web Design Trends to Shape the Face of 2018

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How to generate relevant traffic to your website

A few years back, the concept of a mere online presence created a magical effect on the mind of business owners and decision makers. Businesses willingly embraced the first wave of digitization with websites pitched by startup web development companies, reputed digital agencies and brand management companies.

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3 Types of Content That Drive Up your Online Branding

To sustain in the digital rat race, you might be in constant pressure of producing fresh content every day for your website, which is also a great way to stay put in the first place of SERP ladder.

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Compelling Reasons – Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Readers take note! How many apps have you downloaded in the last 1 year? We are confident that you have downloaded at least 5 top Android or iOS apps on your smartphone. We are also confident that more than 2 of those apps are e-commerce or financial apps. The dominance of e-commerce and e-money is overwhelming but it does not imply that they are the most dominating factors in our life. The presence of such apps is an indication that mobile apps in particular are an important part of our mobile behavior.

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5 Helpful Tips or Big Challenges For Managing Remote Employees

Having a remote team has several operational advantages in the modern professional environment. More companies today are hiring remote employees to meet the rising project related demands from their clients. Managing an in house team of professionals have become a challenge for many enterprises especially due to the sheer infrastructural cost involved in maintaining a robust support team.

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The Iphone is Set to Bring a Revolution In The Mobile Market – Steve Jobs 2007 Mobile Marketers Take Note!

10 years back, the statement made headlines across the world. Steve Jobs was very optimistic about the Apple products which were lined up as a phone, an iPod and a web device. Till date, we have witnessed 10 models and iOS updates to take it to the next level of mobile experience. Till date, not even a single mobile phone has been able to bring about a transformational experience like the iPhone. It stands tall and deserves to take the position of authority in a competitive market where there is a new entrant every second.

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Can Social Media Marketing Strategy Boost Your Business?

Social media has become one of the most powerful channels of branding and communications. In 2017, digital marketing has become an inseparable segment of branding and corporate identity. Starting from the Fortune 500 companies to the startups, everyone needs an online presence. For some it is the gateway to a better targeted customer group, while for others, it is just about staying on top.

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Top 3 Reasons Why your Business Should Invest on Digital Marketing?

You are a business owner or an important decision maker for a business. At the end of every month, you are concerned about your ROI. Profit is the only factor which will help you sustain in an extremely competitive environment where your competitors are trying to stick their necks out in front of a selected group of customers. Irrespective of the size or nature of your business, the visibility of your brand name is an extremely important parameter. It helps your customers know your business better and creates better opportunities for your business.

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