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How to Write a Killer Apps store Description to Convince The Audience

Your app is defined in 255 characters. Yes, this is the number of characters visible to your audience. The character set is known as the ‘above fold’ and is the text which appears naturally without making the audiences delve any deeper. The text should be very exciting and make the readers proceed further. There lies the skill of the technical writer.

• Narrate the description from the perspective of the apps user rather than the perspective of the creator. Putting yourself in the shoes of the apps user and narrating the story is one of the best ways to create that unique visual experience which would influence the readers to take purchase decisions.

• Describing the problem and the solution sends out a clear message to the reader about the relevance of the business app in their life. Be it a business app or non-business app; readers will download it only when they feel the need to do it.

• Highlighting the key features of the app is necessary to create a positive impact on the prospective targeted audience. Today’s customers are highly influenced by crisp marketing content. The same rule applies for mobile apps too.

Overhyped marketing content generally fail to get genuine customers. Your message should also influence the audience to proceed further and read the content further. Mobile apps have become one of the most sought after digital products in 2016. It is influencing our consumer behavior to a great extent. From shopping to ordering food online, mobile apps will play a major role in future consumerism. Thus, content marketing will play a major role in promoting mobile apps.

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