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What’s up with Whatsapp Marketing?

There’s no doubt that Whatsapp is the most preferred communication app around the globe. Half a billion people across the globe are estimated to actively use Whatsapp and share millions of photos and videos on a daily basis. Imagine the power of such a communication platform! Imagine what wonders it can accomplish for promoting your brand and reaching millions of crowd every single day!!

From the marketing point of view, Whatsapp is a powerful tool to endorse your business. The present marketing conditions are compelling companies to resort to using innovative and straightforward marketing approaches. There are several merits of Whatsapp Marketing besides serving as a direct approach to staying connected with your customers and clients.

Let take a look at the highlighting features-

Real-Time Communication – Whatsapp allows you to establish an uninterrupted conversation with your potential customers. The real time connection has proved to enhance customer support by allowing you to be available 24/7. It has shown better response and engagement from customer’s end over the years. Thanks to Whatsapp – dealing with one-to-one customer or client is now way easier than you can think.

Promotion and Publicity – It is absolutely one of the best platforms to advertise your products, send promotional offers and spread awareness about your brand. You can send photos, videos and special offers pertaining to your products in group chats or individually to your customers. You can reach a huge mass with just one click irrespective of their physical location.

Internal Team Interaction – Apart from advertising and customer interaction, Whatsapp serves as a great medium to stay connected with your internal marketing team. With the ever-changing market, expectations keep increasing. A real-time environment lets you formulate your online strategies as per the changing preference of customers.

Hence, on the whole, there’s no denying that Whatsapp is a powerful marketing tool. It is extremely cost-effective and allows you to have a direct interaction with your audience. And, most importantly it has gained popularity due to its ease with which you can get engaged with people at large.

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