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Does Your Website Resemble A Christmas Tree? Change It!!! 10 Tips To Make Your Website Design Worth Multi-Million Dollars

The nip is in the air, the decorations are out and the festive mood is catching on all around the globe!  🙂


Christmas tree decoration at homes, offices, public and commercial spaces is perhaps the most exciting part of the celebration. The larger the tree, more colorful is its appearance with all kinds of tiny balls and trinkets hanging from it. A captivating site, onlookers are sure to identify and feel the spirit too!


But when it comes to your website, it better not have a Christmas-Tree-like-look with too many colors, photos, and texts competing for space.


Multi-million dollar website details are here:

A captivating and compelling website is one that has a neat layout, riveting texts, and mind-blowing navigational functionalities. It should offer great User Experience and be extremely Search Engine friendly. This will ensure maximum online visibility and more profits.


1  The homepage is more than a mere landing page. You have only three seconds to talk to your visitors and impress them.


2  Powerful headlines on your homepage make the impact on your target audience. Keep your headlines between 6 and 12 words. The style should be copywriting that fascinates the mind.


3  Sub-heads that clearly describe the products and services are the next to make the right impact. Large and distinct fonts with high visibility will enrich the user-experience.


4  Supporting and real-time Graphics give your website the weightage of authenticity that assures and convinces the visitors.


A harmony between the headline and the subhead text with the graphics make the content meaningful. The result is longer sessions at the website by the visitors and better ranking.


Great professional websites follow latest SEO trends to dominate search engines.


5  Visual organization of content that helps visitors move naturally to the next step is important.


Right from the homepage to the inner pages, the website should offer a mind-blowing UX.


6  Website structure is closely associated with its easy navigation facilities. The ideal website helps visitors move from one area to the other without too many clicks.


Placing navigation bars and buttons ergonomically on the top of the page and including search boxes are essential. The use of breadcrumbs on each page is a must to indicate navigation trails.


7  Follow conventions concerning placement of navigation bars and logos on the top right and left respectively.


Clicking on the logo should take the visitor back to the homepage and links should change colors when hovering over them.


 Consistency in layout, color schemes, font types, and sizes will help the visitor engage in the website content.


Use a maximum of three types of fonts and also a maximum of three font sizes. Color scheme for each website should follow the industry conventions and color-psychology principles.


9  Social presence and links on your website lead your visitors to the proof of customers’ opinion. Shares and comments speak volumes about what you have to offer and impact future business.


Include case studies of existing and past customers with their photographs and names to authenticate them.


10  Any website design or redesign and development must keep mobile optimization at its base.


Choosing of graphics and fonts should be done keeping mobile compatibility in mind. Visual hierarchy, layouts, and content presentation all follow suit.


Follow these tips and your business is sure to reach the multi-billion mark soon with high online traffic and conversions. If you have more tips, share with us to make the blog post richer!

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