VT Designz Reveals the Marketing Automation Story

If you’re a savvy digital marketer and yet not heard of marketing automation then you’re probably under a rock! Marketing automation has been in this digi mix for some time now. Ever since the inception of this software platform, few people have been doing justice with it and successfully placing things in order while most marketers are yet to take the advantage of it. VT Designz, one of the renowned digital marketing companies in India, has explored full potential wings of marketing automation, now explains the story of it. Read on to know more-

What is Marketing Automation?

It is a marketing base conjoined with software and multiple technologies to boost the power of branding to multiple channels such as, email, social media podiums, websites etc. and it also automates scheduled tasks for future.

It is s software run mechanism that interprets to deliver specific requirement of the marketers- this means it reduces human error.  It works all together with a range of marketing tools that help marketers to plan, coordinate, manage, maintain and track their campaign activities.

What are the benefits of it?

There are a number of attractive traits of marketing automation and they are-

  • This all-in-all tool platform comes with visitor tracking tool that gives you access to track over the visitors. You will know who hits your site, how long they stay and what activities they do. There are few tools that also offer you to fetch their prospective IP addresses. You will have complete knowledge of their behavior.
  • You can have complete insight of every page and even every step your potential visitors. There are tools which will add scores from different actions for an instance- if he/she fills the subscription form, opening an account of downloading brochure etc. you will see points increasing with every potential engagement.
  • Marketing automation is completely engineered with different automated tools that enable marketers to schedule workflows in the pipeline that can generate leads, for an instance- getting automatic subscription notice if someone stays more than 3 minutes on a particular page. This helps marketers to stick along with the hotter leads..
  • Offering perfectly scheduled e-mails to potential consumers is one of the best traits of marketing automation. While you can play in bulk it’s not the right way to do. When you can avail its segmented mail sending option to the right person at the right time, why would be cliché?

Of course, there are more alluring traits than these four, but rest will soon be debunked. If you want to know how to pair this trend with your branding then please feel free to contact with VTDesignz.

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