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The Social Revolution Changing The Interface of Your Favorite Platforms

We come across numerous updates across the internet on various tech related subjects. Since Google and Social Commerce are our main areas of concern, we should always have the latest updates on the same. Take Google for example. If you are not aware of the copyright issues on website; then please go through Pirate #2.0 on Google. You would get a clear idea on what Google intends to do. Here is a brief description of the different updates on platforms like Instagram, Google, Uber, twitter, facebook.

Instagram: Has your instagram account feed been organized from oldest-newest feed order. If you are accustomed with that approach, then there would be a significant change since your posts would be displayed according to the preference of Instagram. Moments will now get priority over everything according to the programmers working on Instagram. Who does not want the best to be showcased? The feed – ‘ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most’ will be introduced in the coming months.

Google: Google has one of the most dynamic algorithms and keeps on making minor changes every now and then. The last update was made in the month of May 2016, 21st to be more precise. This algorithm boosted the rankings of mobile friendly sites on mobile search.

Uber: Uber has introduced a new booking platform through e-commerce platforms. This feature will only be available in India though. It has to be seen whether these features are introduced in foreign countries.

Twitter: The initial 160 character length was shortened to 140 characters. The unique 140 character set became the signature of Twitter. However, the company is now planning to expand the character limit to 10,000 characters. To avoid cluttering, Twitter is planning not to display the full character set. They will only display the first 140 characters with an option to expand it to view the full post.

Facebook: From the black and white approach of a Like or Dislike button, Facebook has extended it to Emojis to express your feelings like love, tears, laughter, anger etc. Mark Zuckerberg feels that human emotions have a major role to play on social platforms. Today, social networking is more of emotional networking between individuals from different cultural, economic and financial background.

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