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Are you prepared for The next Generation Mobile Apps?

Mobile Applications do not need a formal introduction. Modern mobile communication has undergone a revolution due to this unique platform. A single touch gives you a world of features and functionality which fulfill multiple requirements. Right from reserving a table in a restaurant to ordering a pair of Nike shoes online; the 5 mm icon on your smartphone does the trick for you. With the launch of every outstanding mobile phone application, there is a counter surge of mobile apps customized particularly for those phones. Want to confirm it? Just go to Google Playstore (Android) or Appstore (iOS) and see the number of mobile apps specially built for phones like the J7 or iPhone 6/6 s. The race for iPhone 7 customization has commenced. Soon, your search results on Appstore would show several results on products revolving around the newly launched Apple Phone.

What waits in the future?

The future lies in mobility! It is not a speculation; but a reality. Take a journey backwards and try to visualize how the initial mobile apps have evolved to create user experiences which are changing our lives.

How have mobile apps changed over the last few years?

Today’s apps are miles ahead of their ancestors especially due to the kind of user experience they generate for us. Plus, the addition of high end technologies like location data and gyroscope has enhanced the functionality of these modern day apps. Initial apps directed the user behavior, whereas the modern ones are allowing the user to take the choice. Don’t assume that the evolution of apps would get stalled with the integration of gyros and location GPS etc. Hyper-personalization will take over most of the current apps.

How would Hyper-personalization look like?

The concept of hyper-personalization is a mix of innovation, artificial intelligence and predictive customer modeling. You can easily say that the apps you would be using in 2022 would be interactive super applications. They would not wait for you to select content, but would rather follow your search behavior and put suggestions on your mobile screen. Imagine how your user experience will change in a few years.

By the time you finish reading this blog, more than a millions apps would have already been downloaded across the globe and you might be contemplating your next download. If you are looking for high quality end user engagement through world class mobile apps and e-commerce websites; you should get in touch with a professional mobile apps development company like us.

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