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The Next Big thing in 2017! Chat Bots

Chat Bots! You are not very familiar with this term, are you? In 2017, this will be the talk of the town.. Already, this topic has featured in the leading tech magazines across the world and you would be surprised to know that it would be one of the first instances of Artificial Intelligence directly influencing our consumer behavior. This technology will also come as a boon for thousands of business owners and managers across the world especially those whose business outcomes are determined by the efficiency of their real time communications. Do you think that small and medium scale businesses can afford to maintain a huge support staff just to listen to your customers? We believe that all our readers would agree with us; it is not possible to maintain a huge support team. Then should we assume that small and medium scale businesses would never be able to achieve a good CSAT from their customers? No, thankfully modern technology has an answer to this!

A boon for Modern Industries

Now let us shift our attention towards the utility and effectiveness of CHAT bots. A bot is a robot which runs automated tasks based on back end software. The same rule applies here. This chat application does not need a physical respondent. The responses are pre inserted through an algorithm embedded within the chat application. The algo decides the set of responses which would be given to a particular type of query. Although the application has certain drawbacks, it is ideal for restaurant and service based businesses. SMO services have been a good platform for social business interactions, but it does not provide virtual chat.

The human face of Chat Bots

You must be wondering how chat bots behave in a real time situation. The application starts right from the point when a visitor puts forward a query through the message button. The context of the content is analyzed by the algorithm and an appropriate response pops up on the screen of the customer. This is the true synergy of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Although the former is a subset of the latter, it takes raw skill and innovation to combine both.

The true alternative to the mobile experience

As a conclusion, we would like to say that Chat Bots would play a major role in replacing the mobile experience. Go, embrace the future of Digital and enjoy modern technology. We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year ahead.


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