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How to Conquer your Distractions to Focus on Your Work

Action leads to thought and thoughts lead to action. This is not an idealistic approach towards life; rather this is the essence of mindful action. What is the use of taking an action when it does not have clear cut vision or purpose? But before we start talking about actions, we must understand that the first step towards thoughtful action begins when we cover the first hurdle. Yes, thoughts and discussions are the biggest hurdles which prevent us from reaching the desired goal or destination.

We are belonging to a corporate environment where there is a need to be highly active in our thoughts as well as our execution. There are a lot of things which we plan to do and they might be wonderful ideas, but again they hardly have any significance if we do not implement them. Good corporate practices begin with brainstorming followed by execution.

In this discussion, we would further touchdown on the points which would count as an ideal corporate plan of action exactly aligned with – ‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

Everything starts with:

Brainstorming: Let us all take a pledge to honestly share our ideas with like-minded colleagues and friends. The noun friends have been used since a number of our colleagues become our friends and some for a lifetime. Brainstorm and come with an idea!

Plan of action: Let the idea transcend to a feasible plan of action where there would be a start date and the first milestone when there would be a detailed analysis of the progress which has been made upon the initial plan of action.

Structured Action: The first milestone is the turnkey factor! If the problems and solutions are identified in the first phase itself, then the next phase would be only involved in delivering quick results.

Leadership: Yes, leaders take the first initiative to stop talking and taking action. This is the most vital point of a healthy corporate ecosystem. Leaders are born to lead. We just expect that our readers to at least cooperate with people who are willing to lead.

Action = Thought + Planning

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