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Google Updates Vital for Your Business

What’s next with Google updates? This question might be rumbling in your heads for some months now and over this last week you have witnessed the result on your ranking, right? Yes, Google has confirmed their latest ‘Core Update’, widely linked up with Penguin, is the reason of sudden rank fluctuation over the last few weeks. While the SEO and webmasters are in confusion about the change and making social media platforms messed up with questions, VTDesignz got its point from the constant replies of Google search trend-setters. Let’s crack the crux-
At first, this is to clarify that this is not Penguin update as are expected to come soon. This is core search algorithm update and more likely to be related with Panda since the content is again decisive. Let’s dig more-

The overview of Core-Update:
Many of us are expecting to have change in Penguin update but sometimes we forget that it’s all about Google where “We propose and Google disposes”, jokes apart!This core change has characteristics of Panda since both has merged up. So, it’s quite obvious that content will remain as the main facet of further changes.

Quality of content is paramount of importance

The intention of rolling out panda update is to swab thin quality content site out from SERP. Now, this is the moot fact of core algorithm, quality is to be on top priority concern.

The best way to keep your site protected from the volatile updates is to keep your content up to the mark that aptly serves the need of your consumers.The main focus should not be in the quantity but on the quality, the content should come with solution like how your service or product can help the consumers. The more informative content the more engagement your site will be garnering online.

However, many of you may find this story not a new piece.Since Google didn’t say more than ‘Core algorithm update,’ we can barely come down to more facts than these aforementioned points to assess the whole. Hope you didn’t see any change in your ranking but if you do then this story will rightly serve your queries.

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