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When the going gets tough, take a Digital Nap!

Yes, you read it correct! We are in an age of technological advancement, where you have an app for practically everything. From clothing, food, salons, and movies to even lavatories – the digital world serves it all. What comes as an interesting surprise is that now you can even digitize your sleep with Power Nap apps. Sounds fascinating right? This certainly doesn’t mean that your phone will sleep on your behalf letting you live a robotic and tireless life. Unfortunately, we have not achieved that kind of genetic breakthroughs yet. So, it is still you who has to take the nap. What the app does is simply tracks your sleep to ensure you are not napping more than what you planned for.

Sleep is important for humans. What is even more important in today’s competitive world is a power nap. It comes as a revitalizer to take down the stress and challenges in our daily life.  Imagine you have an important client meeting in an hour. There’s already enough pressure of cracking the deal. You thought of taking a power nap of 20 minutes before the meeting. But what if that 20 min nap turned out to be hours of sleep due to lack of consciousness. This is why Power Naps are saviors! These apps monitor and track your sleep to wake you up exactly when your nap hits the sweet spot.

You are just required to run the app, set an optimum time for your sleep and forget the worry of waking up on time. There is an array of Power Nap apps available in Google or iOS platform. Some of the popular apps include Fabulous, Pzizz, Sleep Genius, Power Nap HQ, Touch Nap and several others.   Besides waking you up on time, these apps also log your sleep data and graph your activities for easy comparisons.

It is an undeniable fact that our busy lifestyle keeps us from sleeping properly. A short nap for 20-30 minutes might not make up for the inadequate sleep but can certainly help to elevate your mood and performance throughout the day.  Thanks to Power Nap apps – now you can doze anywhere, anytime!

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