How to Generate Leads through Social Media Platforms?

When you think of social media, you think either of your own profile or the brand you’re promoting to. Anyone would hardly associate it as a mode of sales. After all you cannot sale something through some tweets, right? Oops! You’re extremely wrong.

The real story is that social media is much more than promoting brands and connecting to targeted audience. It takes astute knowledge to strike gold! While it may sound easy to go on social and bag some leads, but there are some integrated digital marketing procedures behind every windfall!

You need to craft different strategies for each platform as each strategy will act differently on each platform. To conceptualize, one needs to analyze user behavior to different social media sites. This is why we have segregated social media strategies by each platform. Let’s take a look-


• Modify your page structure to make it lead generation friendly. To do this you need to add crisp content with call-to-action feature including scalable links.

• Content has been hitting the ground of digital marketing from the inception. But when it comes to social media promotion it has to be innovative and relevant to the contemporary scenario. Along with enticing content one has to work on visual social content. With Facebook lead ads enabling users to post videos, you can make your consumer understand more about the product easily.


• The best way is to keep track on Twitter’s advance search option to identify users’ behaviors related to your product and service. Narrow down your search on specific fields like the sentiments that people having for it (how and why they are searching) and the geo location.

• Humanize the voice behind your brand by connecting with people thorough twitter live chat. You can connect to people interested for your brands. You can also add chat analysis tool to check conversation related to your leads.


• As LinkedIn being one of the best ways for B2B social media platform, this is a potential target area for conversion. You can fix on the points such as- company title, location, origin and service before setting your displaying ads.

• InMail is one the other hand is designed to deliver real time message personally to the targeted audience. This is a great way to make a bond prior to selling something.

Instagram & Pinterest:

• Instagram is one of the popular platforms in terms of user and brand interaction rate. You can make your ad more reachable to your consumers with proper geo tagging and hashtags. Measure various analytical tools before you create luring post that would take your consumer directly to the sign-up pages.

• For Pinterest, create call-to-action pins including lead generation focused landing pages along with leading them to purchase pages. Keep track on the similar links, pins and boards people post.

Unlike any lead generation campaign, you should always need to read consumer behaviors and their need from the particular brand. Realize how your band and service can help them using different method of promotion to various platforms.

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