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The first 5 seconds in marketing! Marketers take a note of it

Marketing is a science! Yes, this is an appropriate term to describe one of the most powerful forces in the world of business. Take a look around and you will understand the role it plays in our lives. In the morning, we wake up and take a look at our watches. The journey starts immediately. Most of our readers are conscious about the brand of their watches and have been highly influenced by numerous advertisements which ultimately lead them to make a purchase. In my case it was a Casio Advertisement depicting highly shock resistant watches aptly branded as G Shock. Like me, every reader has got a personal choice which is tracked by marketers and appropriately converted into visual and textual advertisements to generate maximum response. Customer behavior mapping is mandatory pre marketing and pre sales activity since marketing has numerous functional layers which are determined by factors like. Some remain etched in our minds owing to the extreme penetration which they did on our minds. The thought of an awe inspiring visual ad deserves a mention of Motorola Razr phones. In the period 2007-2009, these phones created a storm in the markets with its space age design and functionalities. Today, mobile technology has reached a different dimension, but I still remember the campaign vividly owning to its sheer brilliance in capturing the attention of the viewers.

What is the most vital aspect of marketing?

Like the Moto Razr marketing campaign, there are millions of other campaigns which have been successfully conducted across the world. There is something common with all successful marketing campaigns. They map the customer behavior perfectly right from the time they look at a marketing campaign.

The first 5 seconds creates the magic which paves the path towards brand success. The rest of the 55 seconds are spent in finalizing the customer intent.

What separates 10% of marketing campaigns from the rest?

Indeed, the 10% marketing campaigns are deviant from the rest. They manage to create an impact like none would be able to create. They capture the viewers’ attention within the first 5 seconds prevent them from deviating from the theme. Just think of the latest Puma ad featuring Usain Bolt. Even if it is for a second, you would contemplate buying that pair of shoes. This is the power of impact marketing often misinterpreted as advertising. Although, it is very difficult to demarcate between advertising and marketing when judged from the perspective of the common viewer.

The complexities of the human mind are in equal abundance to its simplicities! One of such simplicities is easily attracted to explicitly attractive things around us. We are simple marketers who understand the mindset of your customers and do the same using Digital Marketing. Indeed, websites are an integral part of our marketing plan and we put our primary focus on it.

Great websites make great marketing and we have plenty of it

What attracts us in a website? This question is being asked by taking into consideration the fact that most of our readers browse websites on a regular basis. Our Indian readers would find more interest if we mention the likes of Flipkart and Jabong. Our international friends would take active interest in Amazon, Walmart and Ali Express.

Ever wondered the secret behind their success?

These e-commerce portals did not become famous overnight. Neither had they any existing brand value like Nike, Puma or BMW. Then what is it that did the trick? They managed to create a complete customer life cycle by:

• Attraction
• Convincing
• Conversion
• Delight

How does the engagement start when we talk about websites, mobile apps and chat bots?

The engagement starts with landing pages. Once you have a meticulously designed landing page, intelligently crafted content and strategically placed Call to Action; more than 60% of your visitors would visit your shopping cart. Once a customer reaches the shopping cart, there is a high chance that there would be a purchase!
Imagine the ROI it would generate if more than 1000 customers visit your landing page every day! We can make that happen too with our unique digital marketing solutions specifically designed for our clients.

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