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Digitization from The perspective of Modern Society

The digital space is one of the most explored domains of the modern tech world. Smart phones, laptops, tablets and a plethora of other smart devices have become a part and parcel of our lives. Just think how much dependence you show on your smartphone. You wake up in the morning to check whether you have a message on whatsapp or messenger. Before going to sleep you check your last message on the messengers before going offline. During the day, you are more dependent on your smart phone. It is not a mandate that you would need it every day, but at least once a week you order food through a food ordering app. Once a fortnight, you book a taxi through an app like Uber and over a period of a few months, you also make an online purchase. This is the reality with more than 90 percent of the readers who are going through this article.

In the buzz associated with digital marketing, we tend to neglect the forces which scripted our digital world. Digital marketing companies have contributed a lot to the evolution of mobile apps to highly user friendly technologies. Within a span of a few years, the transition from complex technologies to simplified user interfaces has been exemplary. Digital agencies around the globe have partnered with innovators and have spaced out technologies which have changed the way we look at the word digital.

Just imagine the synchronization between a watch and your smart phone. 4 years back, it would sound like a Sci-Fi concept but today it is a reality! Today, there are a lot of futuristic tech concepts which will materialize 5 years from now.

Evolution is a constant factor in the world of technology. We started with the humble telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell and we have reached the reached the era of Apple by Steve Jobs. The human journey has been eventful in the last 150 years. The first push was given by the industrial revolution followed by the IT revolution originating in the 1960s. We are honestly indebted to the greats like Bill Gates, Charles Babbage, Steve Jobs and a number of visionaries of our time we could not mention in this discussion.

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