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Compelling Reasons - Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Readers take note! How many apps have you downloaded in the last 1 year? We are confident that you have downloaded at least 5 top Android or iOS apps on your smartphone. We are also confident that more than 2 of those apps are e-commerce or financial apps. The dominance of e-commerce and e-money is overwhelming but it does not imply that they are the most dominating factors in our life. The presence of such apps is an indication that mobile apps in particular are an important part of our mobile behavior. Right from the inception of mobile phones to the development of smartphones, we have seen an University Level Communication channel and a High Tech Military technology become an integral part of our daily lives! Yes we are talking about the internet and GPS.

Some of our readers would rightfully question the importance of mobile apps for today’s businesses. Although, we understand the fundamental importance of mobile apps, we fail to understand the numeric differences which they make to the balance sheets of businesses who know how to use them properly.

Let us Understand the concept well with some Real Life Examples:

Easy B2C Connectivity: A small pizza shop in New York City recently opted for a mobile app. They requested their visiting customers to download the app and use it to order pizzas right from the comfort of their homes. Within a span of a few months, the footfall to the shop decreased but the online orders multiplied. Ultimately the ROI had the last laugh along with the delectable pizzas.

Superior Communication: A mobile app streamlines the customer journey and increases customer delight. Just imagine the convenience of a mobile app compared to a real time conversation with a customer support agent and a customer. Artificial intelligence is always more than 99% accurate. Thus, today’s customers are more comfortable with apps.

Business Branding: A mobile app is a good branding technique! Customers find more reliability with brands which have a downloadable iOS/Android app along with a good online presence. Plus, there is the added advantage when you send the downloadable link to your customers. The moment they click on the link, they get a reminder of your brand name. Such reminders will create way for future customer interactions.

Customer Satisfaction: When customers are happy with a product, they automatically will have an inclination towards your product, service or business to be more generic. They would seldom switch over to a different brand. Thus, apps can influence customer loyalty.

ROI: Last but not the least; a mobile app can create a difference to the ROI of your business. Cool, feature rich, easy to use mobile apps would always have a good impact on your balance sheets. The reason is simple. When customers last longer on your mobile app, they are more likely to make a purchase. Sales will automatically build up your ROI, thus making mobile apps a simply inseparable aspect of your business.

Business decision makers should not make any further delays in selecting the most appropriate mobile app for to suite the requirements of their business. It would increase customer interactions, accelerate business conversions and maximize customer satisfaction levels. Automatically, your business would gain a lot from the exposure it would get with its presence on the smart phones of your customers.

Get a Mobile App and drive more customers, revenue and satisfaction towards your business!

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