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Why should Businesses Embrace Digitization and E-commerce?

There have been significant changes around the world in the past few months. There were a lot of speculations about the American elections and we feared the worst. Surprisingly, most of us were right since there has been a massive cut down on outsourcing and immigration in the United States. As you all know that US is the epicenter of the global economy and any uncertainty surrounding this country would have a tremendous impact on the global front. Although we advise everyone to avoid knee jerk reactions and wait patiently to witness the future course of events, businesses are already staring towards the zone of uncertainty.

None of us can control the policies of a nation which is sovereign by itself and gives priority to its own people when it comes to social and business opportunities. However, enterprises must safeguard themselves immediately to avoid a situation where they are left with nothing to revive their lost ground.

Digitization and e-commerce are two of the most powerful tools which can be used to safeguard a business from sudden disruptions. Let us start with a genuine example. Technology has blessed us in more than one way. It allows us to work remotely and conduct real time communications with our counterparts sitting in a different time zone. This cross platform connectivity and virtualization will help enterprises when they would not be able to engage in dynamic outsourcing (directly bringing in workforce from a different country). Passive outsourcing would however exist in more than one way with the blessings of modern technology which would sustain mutual cooperation, trust and knowledge sharing.

In 2017, we can confidently say that businesses need to embrace digitization and e-commerce development in particular to survive the storm. Else, they would find it to conduct business across a global scale and meet the expectations of their customers. We all agree that B2B interactions create a common platform for knowledge sharing. There have been many instances where businesses have benefited through mutual knowledge and technology sharing. We strongly recommend all businesses to embrace digitization before it becomes too late.


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