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Boost Your Remote Team’s Productivity


It is an undeniable fact that a productive team will always ensure higher efficiency, higher profits, and a powerful brand. But driving that level of productivity is not a simple task. It is challenging to convince or provoke employees to work harder and impose strict rules on them. This in fact, damages their productivity and decrease morale instead of improving it.

The key to boosting your remote team’s productivity is to make them want to work harder. This can seem difficult particularly when working with a remote team. Organizations these days are breaking the geographical boundaries by hiring staff out of their cities as well as different countries. These remote teams usually face difficulties in achieving same goals at the same time or they lag behind due to time zone differences. There are also situations where the distance between different teams in your company is unavoidable. With all the on-going hassles, ensuring a productive team is vital from the business perspective.

Try employing these top 5 practices to enhance your remote team’s productivity

  • Team Outing fosters Team Bonding. To make your team work together efficiently, it is important to build a good relationship among the members. It is their attitude towards the company as well as other members that will affect their workflow towards the end of the day. Frequently organized team meetings or group chats can help developing a healthy work relationship between the teams. If the team is locally based, then team outings would contribute better.


  • Be Flexible with Deadlines. It is not enough to just set deadlines; it needs to be done smartly. While assigning targets, it important to keep in mind that your remote team might be from different city or country. So ensure to be flexible with the deadlines and respect each other time zones.


  • Effective Communication is the key. To enhance the productivity of your team, it is important to keep the communication channels open. Your team must be able to approach you anytime, anywhere in case of doubts or supervision. Ensure the messages that you deliver are clear, precise and easy to comprehend.


  • Limit time on each task of your team. Besides assigning targets, it is also essential to allot a suitable time frame for that task. Assigning shorter time frames to the completion of each task helps in focusing on various errands without getting stuck in one task.


  • Celebrate small victories. Just meeting targets are not sufficient. It is important to keep the motivation alive within the team. Appreciations and recognitions play vital roles in driving efficiency among employees. No matter how small the success is, enjoy it with your team to keep up the team spirit.


Hence, in an organization working with remote teams, Communication is one of the greatest assets. Regardless of the circumstances, it is always considered best to work towards strengthening the communication in a distributed team.

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