• Dec 27, 2016

Why Website Designing is Important for The Success of Your Business?

Website designing is important for your site, but did you realize that a good design can have a major impact on your business? Yes, an attractive layout will not only increase the session duration of your visitors, it would also impact your sales. It is part and parcel of human nature to get attracted to things that are beautiful and convincing. The word beauty should be associated with an artist who would be more inclined towards aesthetic sensitivity. From the marketing perspective, being beautiful and convincing at the same time matters. It is more about being attractive. Social scientists have estimated that the first 5 seconds of a viewer are vital since this time determines whether he or she would proceed to the next step which has the potential to generate a sale.

Website designers across the world have a common challenge. They need to minimize the bounce rate by keeping the visitor engaged with the landing page. Creative designers who are aware of this unique behavior give priority to the layout of the landing page of a site. But there is a catch! Being outwardly flashy does not help the cause either. The secret to success lies with the right balance between the two. Often, businesses target a matured audience who would be repelled by overtly expressive advertisements.

It is very difficult to chalk out an ideal path of action in designing which would guarantee a good response from the customers. However, we can always have a basic understanding of consumer behavior and design accordingly:

Points to be noted:

  • I cannot be highly aggressive: Unless it is targeted towards kids and youngsters, the design should always be kept simple and attractive.
  • I need to convey a message: A loud image with dominating colors is not enough to convince your audience. The right message should be conveyed to the audience through the design. Although this is very easy to say, it is difficult to implement in practice.
  • I need to be honest in my approach: Advertising does not mean that you would mislead or confuse your customers. Although you have the right to exaggerate, you need to convey the right information to your customers. Please do not make false promises through online advertisements since it would surely harm your online reputation.
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