• Dec 28, 2017

6 Classified Facts About Your Webpage Content

Content is King. The way that you formulate content will determine how well your site ranks on the search engine. To roll out stellar content, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the latest Google algorithm, namely the RankBrain. While Penguin is responsible for picking on the links, it is the Panda that sniffs around the content to determine its worth.

The Panda-effect is phenomenal

Ever since the Google Panda rolled out in February 2011, poor web content has always been its target. The 28th updated Panda came out on July 18th, 2015, with the intention of ranking high-quality sites, small and medium-sized better on the search engine.

Search patterns determine Panda behavior

The way that people search for content and information on search engines has changed over the years. Studies reveal that the bulk of searches made comprise of 4 words and more. In fact, today, over 50% of our queries come from mobile phones.  And the queries in the color you see behind me are voice queries.  In the US, on our mobile app in Android, one in five queries – 20% of our queries – are voice queries and that share is growing, Sundar Pichai, May 2016.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Search Volume by Keyword Source: Ahrefs.com[/caption]

All these points to the nature of search that consumers prefer and the devices used to carry out the searches. They then become the parameters for formulating content and changing SEO scenarios. The working of Google Panda 4.2 has been formulated keeping in mind these preferences of users.

The Panda scans websites for content that are helpful in improving User Experience (UX). It is responsible for determining and defining the authority of websites today.

Even if your site enjoys a high ranking now, you may suddenly find it disappear from the first page. Taking into consideration that all other SEO factors are in their right places, your website may be facing Google Panda’s wrath because of bad content.

3 major Panda detests

These are what Google Panda dislikes most wiping websites out of view in search engines.

1. The latest Google Panda hates it when there is nothing to read on websites but only ads to view. The same holds true when there is misleading content. Content that promises to talk about something in its headline and has something else to talk about within is something that Panda despises.

2. Content Farming turns off this modern Panda equally off. Pages of content written without in-depth research and has nothing substantial to offer to the reader hold no value. The Panda is more concerned about what the user is getting to read and does not like content that is written only to influence the search engine. It likes the search engine ratings to be left to themselves.

3. The Panda is more human than an animal when it comes to it scanning the websites for content. It is always looking for information that is relevant for the human user. This is the reason that your website needs to be updated regularly with meaningful content that the user finds useful.

3 things that Google Panda adores

These are the actions that will make Google Panda fall in love with your website and place it prominently among its favorites in the search engine.

1. Panda finds old content that is optimized and updated with fresh and latest information exciting and not just deleting the old URLs. Creating new URLs will set your new content up against the existing URL. Instead, place authoritative content that Panda will further push up the search engine making it shine brighter.

2. Search patterns and trending keywords continually evolve. Google Panda wants you to keep a track of them all and have the content updated accordingly. Panda is really open-minded and wishes to include everyone’s choice of words. Phrases and words that are native to local and larger searches have to be carefully placed. This is where the play of synonymous keywords is so important.

For example, the keyword Car and vehicle grooming services near me are more appropriate to the natives living in the .nz domain demography. Those living in other parts of the world are more likely to use car wash and clean services near me.

The content has to be formulated keeping in mind that people of other regions are likely to use the phrase car wash services. Placing all synonyms will ensure that users find the content relevant cutting across demography and cultural preferences. The Panda will just love it as it has made the global village its home and pull up your website ranking.

3. Once you’ve got the long-tail keyword right according to the relevant search, it is time to formulate the content correctly. The Panda loves to explore and know just as the user. This includes the synonyms that a different user is likely to type in for a search. Content that your website posts should contain these synonymous words for the Panda to really like it.

For example, when writing content on Car grooming services near me, your content will naturally speak about the car wash, different types of washing processes, and the best way to go about it. Car cleaning, tidying the car, keeping the car clean and attractive are the phrases that should be part of your content.

If you provide car wash services, the central content of your website should talk about the washing services. There should be extensive content on all allied or connected issues with car cleanliness and impeccable looks such as best cleaning agents for cars, car cleaning cloth, and car wax application, and so on. Once Google Panda finds them all, it will just love it taking your website to the top pages.

Keywords are just as relevant as they used to be, only that their nature and application have changed with people using mobiles for specific search results. The latest version of Google Panda looks for content according to this changed search nature.

Do you have some more ideas and suggestions related to the latest website content based on location? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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