• Nov 22, 2017

10 Top Awe-Inspiring Web Design Trends to Shape the Face of 2021

If you thought design trends are restricted to the fashion world alone, you are really wrong! We are set to see some mind-blowing web design trends in 2021 that are set to change the way conventional designers have been thinking. The fresh new website trends in 2021 take over from those that have been reigning and improve upon them. Fulfilling user demands of relevant designs that are interactive and fulfill personal requirements are set to influence the New Year trends. 2021 is sure to be a trendsetter when you think of the large picture and the excitement to know about them has already begun. Here is a list of the 10 most sensational 2021 website design trends that are set to take up the center stage remain there too!

1. SEO-oriented Web Design & Development

In fact, most companies are fast realizing that web development trends in 2021 must mirror the marketing needs where user experience comes first. Colorful websites that are aesthetically pleasing to you and me may not appeal to the search engine crawlers. Website designs that will make the users engage and interact at the site are those that attract the search engine crawlers. Easy site navigation with clear markers that help the visitor move effortlessly from one section dominates web design trends of 2021. Clear layouts, meaningful content, and seamless interconnections are here to dominate the year for the no-nonsense visitor.

2. Follow the dictate “Content is the King” with simple texts

Nothing is more relevant to the website visitor than the content that she or he is looking for. Gone are the days when websites would be overcrowded with numerous sidebars and buttons. It is proven that cluttering of web pages with too many tools and content makes the visitors nervous and almost forces them to leave the page immediately increasing the bounce rates. 2021 is set to move to the basics. Clean web pages with simple text as relevant content neatly placed with proper headings and sub-headings will dominate. This will make both the site and the design relevant and encourage user engagement.
It is time for distractions to make way for the King Content with Marketing following as his foot-soldiers”.

3. Rise in the use of infographics

Infographics are here to stay for some time now. Web designs that users make of infographics, in fact, are informing and educating consumer groups in attractive ways. Striking graphics have always been part of traditional website designing. Placing information alongside them makes the graphical representation more vivid. This type of web design makes use of a host of interactive charts and diagrams. This kind of web design helps to bring alive the webpage with so much happening all around. The visitors are sure to linger their stay at the site wanting to explore it more. The dual purposes of SEO-friendliness and meaningful content are both fulfilled simultaneously. Designers are continually finding innovative ways of using infographics for building web designs.

4. Split-screen neat visual-data combo

Screens that are split into two identical halves and have a combination of graphics and content are fast becoming popular. It set to be among the dominating website design trends of 2021. This kind of design offers clear visualization of the graphical content that the visitor can easily correlate with the written content. The design gives a modern open-feel look with a free flow between visuals and written content. With designers being increasingly conscious of mobile-friendly designs, this option is fast proving to be a winning solution. Both visually captivating and content-wise engaging, we are sure to see a lot of the split-screen visual-data combos.

5. Geometric & Modular design with micro-interactions

Geometrics are dominating all spheres of life and website design is no exception. Ever since geometric shapes and patterns came into the forefront of web design in 2016, they are in a continual state of evolution! Imaginative use of geometric shapes on photos is catching on as popular website designs. The additional use of modular designs that employ interesting geometric shapes is going to figure high among 2021 design trends. The modules give the possibility of a neat representation of visuals and data. A combination of colors helps highlight them further attracting more attention for all the right causes. The addition of micro-interactions among the modules as you hover the cursor over each of them makes browsing more interesting. Such designs not just fascinate the visitors but also help them navigate the site without any hitch. We hope to see a flood of the geometric-modular-micro-interaction combination in the coming months.

6. Data-driven designs and authentic visualizations

Data authentication with graphs and real-time statistics backup is second to none when it comes to quality content projection. More and more websites are using these tools to authenticate the claims that they make about their products and services. Besides this, these also add a colorful look to the overall layout. A perfect combination of qualitative data and a dramatic look will dominate the scene more. The display of authentic photos of teams and people that are part of the business or service site in place of graphics is another ruling trend. Visitors get the feel of reality even in the virtual world and we will see more of these web designs gaining popularity.

7. Contemporary style big bold fonts

Contemporary website designs cannot deny the influence of contemporary living styles on them. Simple text fonts with bold looks that stand out to make announcements are taking over homepage layouts. Placed with contrasting colors, they compel attention and engage visitors into the browsing action. The use of no-nonsense large and bold fonts complements a clear visual hierarchy for instant readability. This is perfect for websites that deal with modern and contemporary products and more businesses are sure to use them for their websites. We are sure to see more up-to-date designs employing this design tact for some time to come.

8. Brighter color gradients

Making an interesting use of colors has long been part of innovative web designing. Being modern also means bringing along a mix and match of colors that evoke and emulate emotions. Website designers are always conscious of following the rules of color psychology according to the industry vertical and audience they are working for. While bright red and yellow are best suited for the food and beverage industry sites, purple and pink go best with high-end and luxurious real estate websites. The latest trend concerning colors and web designing is the use of bright hues with gradient variations. It opens up the website to more imaginative design possibilities with cool and pretty looks. Gradients in colors are dominating the fashion world with a strong thrust. The trend is all set to flow over to the realm of website design get wows all through 2021!

9. Fixed and scrolling navigation

Navigation is almost identical to user experience. Moving from one part of the website to another is done in several ways. Designers have been trying to make the process as smooth as possible without disrupting the viewing of the data. A great way of doing it is by keeping the navigation or menu button fixed while scrolling down. It gives visitors to navigate to any other part of the website even when in the middle of another page without having to go scroll back to the beginning of the page. This design is best suited for mobile browsing over which consumers conduct the maximum number of searches. Different plugins and social media connection buttons are best placed on these navigation bars. They are sure to dominate the web design domain for a good time to come.

10. Long-scrolling

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made long scrolls commonplace. But when it comes to website designs, they have made their presence felt. The trend is here to stay in 2021 as well with consumers just moving down from one section to another with a single finger scroll. The monotony of scrolling down is offset with graphics and images illustrating the data. This design too is apt for mobile browsing give users the flexibility of moving up and down easily even when hands are occupied. The design trend is here to stay long! Give us your feedback and share more design possibilities with us, we will be happy to list them here!
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