• Apr 27, 2017

Tips to Design an Ideal Business Logo

For something as important as a brand entity, the logo design process would involve deep thinking, creativity, and lots of planning. In other words, you do not just sit down and start crafting a logo while watching your favorite TV series.

Designing a logo is not at all an easy task. First and foremost, understand that a logo is much more than mere colors, fancy texts, and symbols put together. It is your corporate identity, and more often a logo is more recognizable than the actual brand’s name.

So the bigger question is – how do you succeed in creating an effective logo? Refer to these top 5 tips to accomplish the perfect logo design.

1. Keep it Simple. Remember that logo is not the place for proving your drawing and typography skills. It is putting your insight and creativity together to represent your company. Sometimes it might not even require any caption. It is the simplicity that appeals to the audience as it becomes easier for them to identify the entity. Thus, keep it simple.

2. Make it alluring to various audiences. Whatever piece of art you expect to create, at the end of the day it is the flexibility that goes a long way in helping you triumph. In simple words, you have to be dynamic while designing a logo not static. Rigidity will only lead to a lack of innovation or improvement. And sadly when you fail to innovate, your design dies. Having an adaptable logo doesn’t mean it has to change every month. Rather, it should have a flexible approach so that it can match the varying tastes of the diverse spectrum of consumers.

3. Ensure versatility. Consider a logo that looks good on posters but terrible on coffee mugs. Such a logo won’t achieve popularity. Also if your logo is only compatible with a specific color scheme, it can’t be called a good logo either! A versatile logo design will look good on any object and with any color. The best example of this is Apple’s logo design.

4. Don’t imitate, create your own design. The key to a successful logo is nothing but the uniqueness with which it can be recognized by the users. Do not try too hard. Think out of the box. Try starting with mundane objects and bring mold of uniqueness into them. In a true sense, it tests your levels of creativity to the core.

5. Most importantly, have your Logo tell a story. Every logo tells the story of your business and what it does for the consumers. Ideally, an ideal logo has two stories to convey: one is the obvious one and secondly a hidden one. Basically, the design should not only be a simple piece of art but should express the deep thought and meticulous ideology of your business.

Therefore, when it comes to logo design, it has to be a unique one! However, being a professional logo design company, we realize that just like any other variant of design, logo's too have their own stake of trends that keep falling in and out over time. So it only makes sense to steer clear of aphorisms and draft the matchless logo that our clients expect.
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