• Jul 12, 2017

The iPhone is Set to Bring a Revolution In The Mobile Market – Steve Jobs 2007 Mobile Marketers Take Note!

10 years back, the statement made headlines across the world. Steve Jobs was very optimistic about the Apple products which were lined up as a phone, an iPod, and a web device. To date, we have witnessed 10 models and iOS updates to take it to the next level of mobile experience. To date, not even a single mobile phone has been able to bring about a transformational experience like the iPhone. It stands tall and deserves to take the position of authority in a competitive market where there is a new entrant every second. It might be a new handset or a new technological update which would have a terrific impact on the mind of the customers but Apple has stood apart.

Impact of Android and IOS on Market

Android may have the biggest market in the world owing to its simplicity, affordability, and acceptability, but iOS made a killing in the markets when it first launched its device in the year 2007. Imagine they sold 1 million units within 72 days of the launch. What surprises market analysts is the fact that the iPhones of 2007 did not have the kind of features which the iPhone 5,6 or 7 possesses. In 2007, there were no mobile apps and app stores. The concept of GPS (Global Positioning System) was restricted to military usage. Still, it managed to reach magical sales figures in less than 3 months of time. Credit goes to the founder of Apple – Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Identified the Pulse of the Customer

His genius lay in identifying the pulse of the customers. He was one of the first device scientists to understand the importance of a rich navigational experience from a mobile device. The first point of customer interaction with the mobile phone decides the next course of action. Apple customers were highly impressed with the interface they received after unboxing the product. Most of our Apple users would be able to identify this with their first experience with an Apple phone. Just take a small journey down memory lane to the point when you first unboxed your phone. To summarize, it is a wow experience. It is a unanimous decision from all Apple users.

Apple made a Massive Breakthrough in the Mobile Industry

The year 2010 was the year when Apple made a massive breakthrough in the mobile industry. It was also the year of the selfie! Yes, with the front camera, users were able to click photos from a different angle, taking everyone with a surprise. It was followed up with the Apps revolution. The initial days of mobile apps were difficult since most of them were left abandoned after the first usage. Today, we are witnessing a different story! The overall customer experience is amazing with state-of-the-art iOS apps. With immense perfection and user-friendly navigation, the brand is all set to create a new benchmark in the world of mobile interactions, engagements, and conversions.
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