• Mar 16, 2017

A Hybrid Cloud Environment Enhances Your Business Agility

Let the Clouds take your business to new heights! If you are considering keeping pace with the evolving demands of the market environment, take the leap of adopting a strategic hybrid cloud. This form of cloud infrastructure is now rapidly implemented by businesses with the purpose of acquiring an “agility” makeover. Believe it or not, the demand for a hybrid cloud environment is growing at a compound rate of 27% per year. Even more than the overall growth of the IT industry!

Hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud structures. It accelerates the development of a sustainable business paradigm simultaneously connecting the various business functionalities through a real-time network infrastructure. You can get an understanding of the bigger picture and get a clear perspective of your investment requirements.

Why Hybrid cloud?

Higher agility is one of the primary reasons for adopting this evolved structure in today’s digitization-driven world. The public cloud (like Amazon Web Services or Google cloud) operates independently of the private cloud structures (the one created by organizations). The connection to communicate is highly encrypted using technology that allows transferability of data and apps.

Here are some of the critical aspects of hybrid cloud that appeals to business managers-

Employee Empowerment: As a result of this advanced cloud structure, employees can now stay connected to their work from any location. This ensures higher productivity by providing them flexibility in a 24/7 engaging environment.

Big Data Analysis: Several companies consider big data analytics to aid in providing real-time solutions for business functionalities. On-demand architecture hence makes the work easier to fetch data instantaneously.

Increased Agility: A ‘responsive’ business is the necessity of the ever changing-time. That is, the ability to adjust quickly to the varying needs of the business world is now an essential requirement not only for flourishing but also for survival. Hybrid cloud offers the freedom of scaling its abilities up and down depending on the business needs.

There’s no specific cloud model to fit every business goal as businesses are not the same everywhere. Different requirements call for deploying different models. Due to these complexities, it is preferred by companies to implement a hybrid cloud environment. Integration of diverse cloud requirements and infrastructure becomes simpler.

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