• Jul 28, 2017

How to generate relevant traffic to your website

A few years back, the concept of a mere online presence created a magical effect on the mind of business owners and decision-makers. Businesses willingly embraced the first wave of digitization with websites pitched by startup web development companies, reputed digital agencies, and brand management companies. The transition yielded good results for most businesses with an automatic increase in business queries, conversions, and sales. Gradually competition increased! More and more businesses went online and automatically created strong internal competition. To understand how the web has opened up new opportunities for businesses and created stiff competition for them at the same time; one has to take a look deeper. Having a website alone is not enough! You need relevant visitors to make the ROI click for you! • A website is of no use without relevant traffic: You may have a great-looking website but there is no footfall of relevant visitors. Your brand name remains in obscurity since your visitors are not interested in your products or services. Imagine the disaster of having pizza lovers visiting your online tandoor restaurant! They will simply bounce from your website. • A high density of traffic is of no use without conversions: let us assume that your website has a large number of relevant visitors but you still do not get any ROI from it. You need to identify the reasons which are hindering your ROI. Your website should lead to revenue and a digital marketing company like us does it easily for you. How would you direct relevant traffic to your website? We are not boasting, but we know how to drive relevant traffic to a particular website. Plus we will also help you convert the website traffic to customers. Technique1: SEO: Make your website visible across search engines and classified sites. Let your business name come up when your customers search with keywords that are relevant to your business. Thus, relevant traffic to your website would be generated only when the website is optimized with relevant keywords. Example: You have a Pizza Store in Melbourne. Thus your website has to be optimized via ON Page and Off-Page activities which revolve around the central keyword Pizza Store in Melbourne. The usage of adjectives like Easy, Affordable, Quick, and Reliable adds additional importance to your optimization. Affordable Pizza Store in Melbourne Your Website Sales (Relevant Traffic Generation) Affordable Pizza Store in Melbourne-Your Website-Sales (Relevant Traffic Generation) Step 2: Content Marketing: They say content is the King! We say content is the H20 of marketing! Use your content to attract, engage and convert your visitors easily. The content is inclusive of the web content and the promotional content posted across all social media platforms and business listing sites. It also includes photos and graphics, banners, portfolios, and a contact us page. In the example below, we tell you how the right alignment of content will drive the right traffic to your website. Example: You have a Pizza Store in Melbourne. Your website content and graphics should be descriptive, informative, and ROI-centric. The content should have the requisite menu, the recipes, and the descriptions. The graphics should be engaging enough to convince your customers to make the purchase. Hire the right digital agency to strike the right balance between your brand image and your visitors. In an obvious sense, the combination of the two would lead to a steep rise in relevant website traffic. Step3: Social Media Promotions: Undoubtedly, Social Media is one of the most powerful channels of advertising, branding, and communications in the 21st century. In the last 4 years, the dominance of social media has been extremely high especially with paid campaigns which help you reach a higher targeted audience within a stipulated period of time. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you are actually communicating more intensely with your targeted customers. Use posts that directly lead the reader to your landing pages and see the difference it makes to your ROI. Example: The Pizza Store in Melbourne wants to run a campaign on Facebook. They want to promote an offer which gives a Flat 25% Discount on the purchase of 2 Pizzas. The campaign must be selected carefully to include people between the age group of 25-50 having an interest in restaurants. Interests>Food and Drinks>Food Pizza This custom setting would generate maximum reach and conversions from the paid advertisement campaign. Step 4: Google Advertising: Pay Per Click or Adwords is one of the most powerful Click to Conversion tools available in the world of digital advertising. PPC is costly, but leads to direct clicks on your website and is ideal for direct sales-based websites seeking appropriate traffic to their site. Step 5: Email Marketing: Automated emails are a great way to generate interest in the mind of your customers. Attractive emailers will have a great impact on the mind of your customers. Make sure the mails lead the customers to your website. Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber are some of the most powerful email marketing tools which allow you to set up Campaigns, Set your targeted audience, age, geography, etc and track the performance in the form of hits, responses, and conversions. Example: Pizza Store in Melbourne must be sending emails to local residents of the city. It should not be directed towards an audience who would not be able to reach your physical store. The locally targeted customers would be the relevant customers who would end us relevant traffic to your website. VTDesignz helps you maximize the flow of relevant traffic to your website. We have the knowledge, the skillset, and the experience to deliver cutting-edge solutions which would automatically maximize the traffic funnel. To be precise, we would create a pathway. Step 6: Google local listing: Your listing will act like a word of mouth for your business allowing the relevant targeted audience to know that you are there! Automatically you will get business queries! Attract Relevant Traffic>Convince Relevant Traffic>Convert Relevant Traffic>Drive ROI Thus, we help you maximize the flow of relevant traffic towards your website, drive sales and give you more profits!
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