• Mar 31, 2017

Digital Marketing Integration: Have you planned it yet?

It’s important for every business to understand that digital integration is not just a new term but an imperative one in the Digi-world. As content is the only fuel that drives results to a business; marketers need to understand the performance of the content on different channels.

While many marketers have well-set digital campaigns and organic promotions, some marketers are yet to construct an integrated plan. This is because they don’t focus on the performance of social channels that can make an effective business impact.

Key takeaways to create an effective digital marketing integration plan:

Given the fact that content is the determinist of every digital practice, here are some important tips to develop your integrated online planning.

Understanding channel performances:

There are myriads of social platforms offering quick, real-time, and predictable results every second. Before you delve deeper into making the plan, you need to understand what platforms are performing well in the market. Use cross-channel performance modeling to understand the scenario.

Focusing on target audience:

Understanding your target audience means you’re at the first stage of implementing your planning practically. Deriving early responses and checking out the real-time results can help you map out the potential target audience of your business.

Synergizing content with various channels:

Proper digital marketing integration requires the content to work on every channel. It should be worth writing and publishing. There are different ways you can opt to publish your content such as email marketing, videos, events, websites, e-books, white paper, blogs, and last but not least- social media.

Optimizing and execution:

Execution has never been easier before. With the advancement of digital practices and optimizing content, you will not only execute your business the right way, but you will also have the option to choose various ways to do that.


Content is the root that holds the digital marketing tree. In order to gain successful results, it’s important you have a proper understanding of what channels have the potential ability to bring a high impact on your business. So, if you’re yet to devising a proper digital integration solution, you can talk to our digital geeks. Feel free to contact us at 09883446700.

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