• Apr 18, 2017

Design Principles for Developing a Mobile Application User Interface

An appealing first impression is a key to building relationships. People always look for integrity and reliability, which they consequently expect to be reflected in their first impressions. The same thought even applies when it comes to businesses and their products. With a growing inclination to mobile devices for commercial purposes, it is very important to deliver a powerful user experience. This is where designs play a significant role in forming long-lasting connections with end-users and, thus, foster brand loyalty.

The Founder of The UX Review and user experience consultant, Chris Mears, advises

One of the main use cases for mobile is killing time. But that doesn’t mean you should waste that of your users. Make sure you understand the main tasks they want to accomplish on y our app through research and make those the focus of the interface.

Hence, if you want to develop a great, classy mobile app interface, following the design principles are definitely important. Design principles act as guidelines that designers can take into consideration for improving the superiority of a user interface design. If you’re thinking about building a robust UI designer, let’s take a look at the 5 most common UI design principles:

• The Structure Principle

This principle involves taking care of the overall UI structural design. The app should be purposefully designed in a meaningful and handy way based on clear models that are user-friendly. The design must focus on differentiating unrelated things and putting related things together.

• The Simplicity Principle

The entire design should be simple, and make common tasks easy for the users. An interface that consists of options to facilitate clear communication and shorten long procedures is ideal.

• The Visibility Principle

This principle is concerned with making the entire visual experience effective and appealing by eliminating redundant information.

• The Feedback Principle

The design should be such that it keeps the users up-to-date on any kind of changes, or information that might interest the user’s motive towards your business. Keep it clean, crisp, and unambiguous.

• The Reuse Principle

This principle involves reusing the internal and external behaviors and components, maintaining stability with purpose rather than mere subjective consistency. This would reduce the need for users to reconsider and recollect.

Hence, mobile app development is the new realm of marketing that emerging enterprises are trying to conquer. Using these above principles, you can design a UI that would optimize and stabilize the entire user experience.

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