• Jul 05, 2017

Browser Compatibility: Do not Let Browser Incompatibility Hamper the Health of your Site

In the modern business environment, smartphones are playing a major role in accelerating business outcomes. Starting from the simplest tasks like messaging, emails, and phone calls to the more technology-centric activities like file transfer, content management, and VOIP sessions, smartphones are enabling businesses and customers to easily communicate with each other on a global scale. Plus, real-time communication has reduced the dependence on lengthy and expensive business travels – all credit goes to the makers of these unique internet-based technologies which have taken us beyond the realm of restricted communications. In this wide pool of activities, we must not forget the importance of browsers! After all, the web portals would be the starting point of all online activities. Every day we come across numerous websites with browser compatibility issues. In case it is a business requirement, we do try to access the site through a different browser. But, your business customers would not have the patience to open the site on a different browser. They will simply abandon your site. FYI – If your business website is not browser-agnostic you will lose valuable site visitors and in the long run you will lose valuable business.

Benefits of Cross-Browser Compatibility:

  • Browser agnostic websites get more fetch compared to the ones which do not have browser flexibility
  • Browser compatible websites increase the trust factor of a website
  • Browser compatibility increases global traffic to a website
  • Browser compatibility reduces shopping cart abandonment in online shopping portals

What are the Major Browsers?

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

What Are The Tools To Check Browser Compatibility?

  • BrowserStack
  • Browsershots
  • Browserling
  • Litmus
  • IE NetRenderer
  • Browser Sandbox
  • TestingBot
  • BrowseEmAll
  • Multibrowser
  • CrossBrowserTesting
  • Equafy
  • Sauce Labs
Conclusion: restore the HTML codes of your site and correct the errors fast before browser compatibility reduces your site to rubble! A professional website designing company can help you get the perfect HTML codes for your site. Be it Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla, your customers should have an uninterrupted navigational experience!
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