• Feb 23, 2017

360 Degree Digital Marketing

One of the popular philosophies of Marketing followed in recent times is 360-degree digital marketingBut what does it really imply? Well to be precise, a 360-degree approach involves taking an extensive and all-inclusive outlook of your entire customer journey, from discovering the product online to purchase, across various devices and touchpoints. Having a 360-degree approach simply provides you a stable experience across multiple channels.

This digital marketing approach consists of several necessary pieces including customer communication, inbound lead nurturing, outbound email, website, SEO, social, content, and PPC. For instance, you can build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with your customers and clients with the help of a strong customer communications plan. This will push up your customer’s lifetime value and establish dominant brand advocacy.

Let’s see what Key pieces of The approach are:

  1. SEO: Research says that 93% of online experiences start with simples searches. This is what SEO takes care of. It involves optimizing your website to make it as much visible as possible via search engines. This will help you reach your potential customers faster.
  1. Customer Communications: It is a general behavior of customers where they only recommend a company to others if they have a positive customer experience. It is important to stay in touch with your customers even after the purchase and ask for feedback if there is any room for improvements. This helps in building loyalty towards your brand.
  1. Outbound Email Campaigns: Emails are not fancy but yet they are fantastic ways to communicate with your prospective leads and convert them. About 91% of the consumers check their email regularly. So you can reach a large audience on a wider scale.
  1. Nurturing Inbound Leads: Generating leads is the key role as a marketer but it is even more important to focus on nurturing those leads to get the best possible returns from them.
  1. PPC: Pay per click or PPC is advertising means wherein you pay every time your ads are clicked. This is an amazing technique to attract targeted visitors to your website and the best part is you get results immediately.
  1. Social: Apart from outbound campaigns, social media proves to be of 100% accuracy when it comes to marketing your business. It is an incredible platform for getting engaged with your existing customers, create new ones and create brand awareness.
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