• Jul 24, 2017

3 Types of Content That Drive Up your Online Branding

To sustain in the digital rat race, you might be under the constant pressure of producing fresh content every day for your website, which is also a great way to stay put in the first place on the SERP ladder. Gone are those days of slapping a random name on a quickly written article and posting not so well researched blog just to promote backlinks. Nowadays those old game cards never seem to work. Techniques that were in trend 2 years ago are now clichéd. The digital market is evolving every year. You cannot hold off one thing right through every year. People love creativity and varieties and so does Google. Since the content is the only determinist, if you want to experiment on anything then experimenting with the content is the way. Here are three different types of content which you need to work with. Let’s take a look- Infographics: Infographics have been in trend for some time now. It’s a nice concept to blend your business message with quirky images to reach out to your targeted audience quickly. Sit with your designing team (or else, you can hire us!) and craft out a series of design lines. Don’t forget to put Alt.tag as Goggle doesn’t understand the image. Videos: Some people are too impatient to read. Reading blogs and articles is not their cup of tea but videos are. For instant gratification and catching quick glimpses, videos are the best bet. If you find it a bit difficult, you can also start with free animated videos. Guest blogs: Guest blogging has earlier received a bad reputation because of building a bulk amount of backlinks and not following authentic rules of writing. But now it has gone to the next level of content marketing. But guys it takes really great time to build the trust factor. When it’s a guest post, the guest has to have a prominent feature online. Different writers for different niches will make a robust list of readers. It also needs a constant flow of posts as just one big script won’t do much good to your company. Keep posting guest blogs to drive up authority and also social shares. Content is and will be rotating around digital marketing for years to come. So whenever you see a downfall in your planning, somewhere it’s the content behind it and vice-versa. If you want to change something in your digital marketing strategy, take a look at your content part or if you feel like having a professional intervention, feel free to call us.
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