• Aug 11, 2016

How 2016 Digital Marketing is Different from that of 2015?

What you have taught from the digital market five years back is pretty much outdated now. Online trends move fast- what’s up before must fall down someday. When you’re in this mix, you can’t move on the same path always. You need to change your direction, adopt new technologies to live to tell the tale. So you might be wondering how to be updated, right? Well, all you need to do is to feed your brain happening in this Digi world to predict the forthcoming. While it’s not possible to assume 100% but you can extrapolate the digital momentum. In 2015, what you have hauled out as your marketing essentials would be different in 2016. After crossing more than half the phase of this year, VT Designz has narrowed down to some of the exponentially demanding factors. Let’s take a look at the predictive 2016 digital marketing trends. Competitors are spending more on social media ads than next year: We all know that social media has become fundamental to every online brand. They consider extending their budget more for social media ads to capture more audiences. Latest surveys reported that almost 70% of companies are up to re-budgeting for online expenditures. Setting up Omni-channel experience: Have you heard of it yet? If yes, then you’re already at the forefront of trends; otherwise, there are hundreds you would come across by googling it. We like the explanation of Aaron Agius. He said- it is a “multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a brick and mortar store, and the experience would be seamless”. In short, you can get hold of user experience by analyzing their browsing history and activities through your app or other integrated modes spanned across multiple channels. Video is the hottest feature in digital advertising: You have hands-on experience in promoting your brand video on YouTube and sharing it on social media sites, but this practice could be a shift to a different level. With Google testing video ads in their PPC ad section, which is soon to be debuted, and Facebook has already launched paid video ads, video promotion is definitely the hottest pick. Brand content that tells consumer experience: You tend to incline on a product or service more once you get positive reviews from your buddy. This is what most brands are about to use to their advantage. Brands use their consumer experience as content and let them share on various social media podiums like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. Organic social media marketing to complement social ads: Social media ad is no doubt on the top priority list, but then again, most marketers tend to look on the point that is cost-effective. Here come organic social media tactics to increase their online presence by promoting entertaining as well as useful graphic and textual content. Instagram is a place that’s more than posting selfies: We live in a world where graphic presentation stimulates us more than anything. Instagram will soon become a place where businesses will explore more potential outcomes as it is going to offer paid advertisements to all brands. We suggest you get yourself prepared from now on. Content remarketing for potential turnovers: We all are very used to content marketing, but how many of us have done content remarketing? While we all have been writing blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, we don’t know how to convert viewers into consumers. This is when content remarketing steps in. Content remarketing is nothing but retargeting your audience and representing your content in an entertaining mode or highlighting something interesting.  How is the 2015 digital marketing trend different from this year? In 2015 most of the marketing predictions were centered on social media. Marketers were more concerned about which social means are useful. But today, it is more important to know your audience along with their behavior in different social platforms than deciding which platform is useful. The crux of the story is online marketing is centered on the audience and their needs. Now, you’re probably chalking out and thinking about how to channelize this whole bucket of new possibilities into potential ways. But in the end, always remember what’s in today could get out of the scene when digital marketing comes into consideration.
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