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5 Helpful Tips or Big Challenges For Managing Remote Employees

Having a remote team has several operational advantages in the modern professional environment. More companies today are hiring remote employees to meet the rising project related demands from their clients. Managing an in house team of professionals have become a challenge for many enterprises especially due to the sheer infrastructural cost involved in maintaining a robust support team. Plus, remote teams come with the advantage of having a knowledge base which might be inaccessible locally. Managing a remote team however comes up with a set of different challenges. They are not directly related to cost or infrastructural hindrances. They are related to communication, productivity and deadlines.

You must know some basic tips for managing remote employees to increase client satisfaction and increase your ROI.

Use single channel communication with seamless connectivity

Using single channels for communication is one of the most powerful and easy way to ensure smooth transfer of information from the client’s side to the team. Since you are not able to monitor the team physically, you need a communication channel like Skype which offers quality real time communication.

Hold meetings during time durations which are comfortable for you, your remote team and client

Although, you and your team are operating from different time zones, there would be a time frame which would be flexible for both. Thus it would be ideal to hold meetings during that period of time.

Collaboration with Remote Teams

The usage of robust task management tools like basecamp is one of the best ways to manage your remote team. Today these corroborative platforms have brought about a significant transformation to the very way in which work is done by the remote teams.

Unified Work Culture

The unified work culture in an organization is very important to the productivity of the company. If you are willing to establish a very productive work culture with your remote team, then you can always try and establish a very uniform work culture.

Team Visit

If possible, make sure that you and your remote team meets once a year in order to understand the team work. Such team work is very important in order to ensure that the teams are working in close collaboration with each other.

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