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Twitter Moments is the latest in Social Media Revolution

Twitter moments are the latest modification to the existing model of this unique social media platform. Facebook as quite prompt in introducing this feature which allows business and personal users to share their experiences in front of their targeted audience. Twitter is significantly different from other social platforms but it has become a great network of B2B and B2C connectivity. There are certain things unique about this social domain. The first would be the character limit and the second one would be the opportunity to witness real time conversations of the rich, famous and powerful. We are sure that more than 90 percent of the readers of this article are already following their famous personalities on Twitter. Barak Obama, Christiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates and Steve Jobs..the list is huge, so we thought of naming only a few. Apologies in case we forgot to feature your favorite sportsman, musician or politician in the list.

The latest introduction of moments is a sure shot way of hitting your customers directly. It is a great way to showcase what your customers are doing with your product. Story telling has always been the focal point of social media and the impact of your story determines your engagement rate. This will get an additional boost with the latest addition of this application.

Innovation is the key to succeed in a highly competitive market. Social media companies are constantly innovating and upgrading themselves. Just be patient and watch how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will unfold new possibilities for the users. We have the same suggestion for our business owner friends. Innovate and communicate with your audience. You will get amazing results!

Thanks to a bunch of geniuses, our lives have been revolutionized to a great extent. Can you imagine the comfort at which we are leading our lives? Maybe, it is time for a thorough introspection. The journey started with the industrial revolution way back in the 19th century. Today, it has taken the dimension of a tech based revolution fuelled by high speed internet and smart phones.

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