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Responsive Designs need to cross beyond The Mobile-Desktop Interface

If you think responsive designs are only about enhancing the user experience of your mobile phone users, then you are probably missing out on the bigger picture of advertising. Forget the Digital signage industry; websites can be showcased across several giant platforms to attract the attention of viewers in selected scenarios. The most common would be a trade fair where there are numerous brands trying to highlight their competencies over others. Imagine, you have a successful brand and you have taken part in a trade and commerce event. But, during a presentation on a giant screen, you find that your website is not compatible with the display unit. Politely, you have to make way for the next competitor who has a website compatible with larger screens. You lose out on a vital opportunity to showcase your business in front of a matured audience.

Although, the above scenario is a hypothetical one, modern businesses should be prepared for all challenges which come their way. One of them would be the ability to cater to a larger audience through highly flexible marketing channels. Modern web designers and digital agencies have a tremendous role to play in future. They are the ones who would be scripting the success stories of today’s enterprises.

2017 would be the year of revelations for the technology driven industry since there will be quantum shifts in patterns of marketing which will not be restricted to the mobile domain alone. Thus, it is high time, business corporations start expanding their foot beyond the traditional boundaries. We all have to admit the fact that mobility has significantly narrowed down our vision and we are overwhelmed with it. It is the right time we give importance to alternative marketing channels which may not have a large number of users but would have a much broader impact on a selective customer group.

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