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Are the PPC domination days over in Marketing?

Marketing world has known Pay Per Click for a long time. It has been a hot topic for a decade and marketers who advertised on the search engines have found it to be immensely profitable. The search engine giant Google itself was built around PPC and even now depends on it today as one of their sources of revenue.

But is Pay Per Click still going strong? Or is it dying due to the growing consumer awareness, the advent of mobile technology, and enriched organic results?

On one hand, the clicks through rates have evidently gone down pulling up the cost per click. It is gradually becoming unaffordable for businessmen to chase the more competitive keywords and turn them into a favorable ROI. However, on the other hand, it can be said that Pay Per Click is undergoing a massive switch that is focused on mobile devices. It’s not just how they appear on mobile devices. The Mobile technology is slowly and steadily driving PPC. With the searching outlook driven by localization, it is no longer about getting the most clicks. It is rather about getting smarter clicks.

Despite what is going on the business front, the online media giants Facebook, Google, and Bing are heavily invested in keeping pace with the changing trends. There is a continuous need to innovate, to think out of the box in delivering things that your competitors cannot. PPC certainly grabs attention of marketer’s as it emerged as an attractive and simple way of lead generation. The major problem in using it at present is that you can only enjoy short term benefits. Within a short span of time, a greatly targeted PPC campaign is capable of delivering hugely effective results. However, in the long run it becomes a highly costly investment.

Hence, it won’t be correct yet to say that pay per click is dying. But, yes, it is transitioning. Perhaps the way we were familiar about PPC is fading in the present times but it is still alive in the overall search marketing world. Basically, it is routed to a revamp.

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