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Has Internet taken over Print Advertising?

We know Print Advertisement since a period when even mobile phones did not exist. It has been the all-time popular medium that business companies used to market their products and services. Over the years the Internet has taken over the traditional marketing techniques. Now Facebook ads and Tweets seem to have replaced Newspaper advertisements and Hoardings. Companies now prefer one-click advertisements engaged on a global scale rather than wasting resources on print media. From optimizing your website to chatting with customers online – digital marketing seems to be everywhere these days!

Here are the key reasons why Print Marketing is almost dead and Online Marketing is the new talk of Business:

1.Scope: The reach of online advertising is unimaginably higher than print Advertising. This is one of the biggest reasons why companies have shifted their preference in present times. The newspaper ads, banners or hoardings are limited to a specific region. Whereas with the advent of Internet, you can circulate your brand awareness to every corner of the world.

2.Cost: Imagine printing posters for your new product launch! You need to pay the poster designer, the newspaper company, and other advertisers before it can reach the market. On the other hand, an online poster is just a click away. Not only the internet ads are cost-effective but it even has a greater reach.

3.Customer Connection: The whole point of an advertisement is that it should connect to your potential customers. The ad must compel them to make a purchase. Online ads allow companies real-time communication with their customers, unlike offline marketing.

Hence if you are thinking of skipping online marketing for your business then think again! Considering the changing market demands and preferences, online promotion is vital for any business to survive.

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