Your business must appear prominently to your local customers with the physical location and address authenticating it, earning the trust of customers and thus more profits!!!

Local search results are the most relevant to your potential customers that will be looking for businesses nearby to fulfill their needs. People are most likely to make use of their mobile devices to conduct the searches where they scroll down to view only the top page business names.

Why is Google Place Marketing indispensable today?

Businesses that appear on the Google Map are among those that gain maximum attention. The business name, location, and address are clearly indicated on the map with other the links of other details such as website address and contact information mentioned clearly.

What does it mean?

All of these involve Google maps optimization or the local maps optimization that has to be carried out carefully following the protocols set by Google. Our SEO experts know and use only ethical techniques to bring your business name to the top of the search engine page. Going wrong in any of the steps may lead your business page to get penalized and losing its ranking.

What do we do?

Setting up an account for Google Place Marketing may appear easy, but there are fine nuances that you better not miss out on and be sorry about later. As veteran professionals, we are aware of Google places SEO techniques and carry out each step with extreme care.

Why are our techniques so successful?

A lot of people ask, “What is the Google places optimization success mantra?” The answer to it is simple – Consistency.

  • The VT Designz experts make sure that they place the same information on the Google places that are available elsewhere online.
  • We carry out a professional audit of your online presence and mark out the lapses or the strong points in them.
  • The next step is to take the necessary remedial measures to bring about homogeneity in information and the image that your business portrays.
  • As a final touch-up, we link your profiles thus improving searchability, enhance the imagery and bring about a univocal branding by referring to them all in the same way.

What ensures attracting market attention?

We make sure that we avoid keyword stuffing when carrying out the Google place optimization to give you a clear lead over your competitors in your industry vertical. Since this form of digital marketing is about attracting the local market’s attention, the phone number plays a crucial role that has to be placed in a format that Google spiders recognize.

You need an expert’s service!!!

Google Places Marketing is an extremely competitive area today and the process has to be carried out such that it has to be 100 percent accessible to the search engine crawlers. You will have to take the help of an expert to harness the full benefits that Google offers.

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