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Explanatory Videos sway your Online Business

Psychology says only 10% remember what they hear and only 20% users remember the information they read. On the other hand, 80% of the users can recollect what they saw. This shows that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than textual content. Based on this, it can be said that graphic information is more effective as compared to text and audio. More percentage of audience can be influenced.

Explainer videos are the perfect mechanism to attract visitors to your website and informing them about the key features of your products. They are visual as well as consist of audio, both enhance the perception significantly. Research says typical user spends about 10 to 20 seconds on a particular website if there is no further captivating reason to stay. And these first 10 seconds are extremely crucial for appealing the customer to stay longer. Within a minute or two, these videos can clearly articulate how your products and services add value to people’s lives.

Why Explanatory videos?

1. Simple way of introducing Business to audience – With declining attention span of online users, it is now difficult to hold the attention of the visitors just by using texts and images on websites. A visually enriched content is way more memorable and catchy. It streamlines the process of describing what your business does. An explainer video does the job by simply answering the users how it will be beneficial for them. The video acts as a resonant message that will compel your visitors to learn more about your products, which will eventually result in conversions.

2. Acts as Booster of SEO strategies – Making an introductory video helps you get better results on the SEO front as well. Videos increase the average session time of visitors which helps to gain better rank in the Google search results. Youtube, being the second largest search engine, can be utilized to upload business videos. This will help in increasing your brand visibility.

3. Easily Shared – One of the biggest advantages of videos is that it can be shared and spread across several social platforms. It is ideal for busy customers who can watch the videos on the go. Sharing explanatory videos on social media helps to attract new consumers to your website and build a better online identity. People these days tend to watch more videos on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook than reading texts on a web page.

On the whole, videos have the power of emotionally engaging your visitors. An extremely tempting video presentation of your business can help in showcasing your brand, its nature, and philosophy within a couple of minutes.

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