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Event Marketing is essential in 2017; Managers take Note!

Corporate events have become an integral part of modern advertising. Across the globe, business summits, product launches, customer engagement programs and trade fairs attract a lot of professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, advertisers and media professionals. While most of the attendees are an integral part of the event, many people attend it to enrich their domain knowledge. Generally, businesses from diverse business domains participate in these events to satisfy the expectations of the industry leaders. Since 2000, advertising has witnessed a quantum shift with a major focus being given to online marketing. Although it was just the beginning of a technological revolution, it marked the transition from an era of uncertainty to a new era of innovation, improvisation and ideation. The readers must be reminded that in the year 1999, there was a major skepticism regarding the new millennium arising out of a concept bug known as the Y2K. Since then, we have seen more optimism which has resulted in life changing technologies like smart phones, e-commerce, mobile apps and other smart devices.

In 2017, event marketing is a mandate for all medium and large scale businesses. Drawing a connection from the previous paragraph, we would like remind our readers that all smart phone, mobile apps, smart devices and advertising enterprises can benefit immensely from these events. Read onto the next paragraph for a better idea on the benefits of event marketing:

  • Your brand gets showcased in front of a huge crowd comprising potential customers, industry leaders, advertisers and investors. The brand image gets an immediate boost through this exposure.


  • Your business gets a chance to interact with a matured group of audience and take their views on your product or service. Modern corporate events have an itinerary designed to provide equal weight to knowledge sharing, customer interaction, fellowship and media glare. News and print coverage creates a powerful impact on your brand.


  • Event marketing helps in promoting a brand across multiple sections of the industry. Social media plays an important role here. Platforms like Facebook can be easily used to promote a corporate event in front of a custom audience. A custom audience refers to a filtered customer group which would be selected from the Ads Manager section of Facebook.

Corporate communication managers must take note of the fact that event participation is a key component of modern day branding. In order to survive in the highly competitive markets of 2017, it is important to embrace the most powerful component of marketing known as ‘Change’!

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