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Earning while you Sleep through Affiliate Marketing

In the competitive world of 2017, everyone is looking for channels to make money. The world of internet marketing has given a lot of scope to its patrons to generate revenue with binary outcomes. Google and Yahoo give equal opportunities to sellers and associates to make the most out of the online boom! If you take active interest in internet marketing and looking for a powerful money making channel, then affiliate marketing would be a very good source of income for you.

Online marketing gurus explain affiliate marketing as the only tool which allows you to make money while you sleep. Well, the statement is true in a contextual sense, but an expert in this field would make money very easily. To understand this concept in detail, one has to start with a technical definition of this unparalleled form of internet marketing.

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

There are three major segments of this marketing science:

  • Advertiser or Merchant
  • Publisher or affiliate
  • Consumer or Buyer

A reader who is well acquainted with the verticals of a business cycle would easily understand how the process works. The merchant and the buyer fulfill each other’s business needs but the affiliate is the biggest beneficiary in the entire process. He is the person who gets a share of each product bought by the consumer. The publisher uses an online channel to promote the product or multiple products and generate sales. The profit margin increases with the number of products and channels (threads) used.

All this while, you were being told about the technicalities of affiliate marketing programs which allow marketers to function as commission agents. Now we are going to give you a real life example of a highly efficient affiliate marketing platform. It is Amazon. Through a program termed as the Amazon Associates, it is helping affiliate marketers promote any product which is sold in their portal.

Become an affiliate marketer and explore a new world of opportunities. You can also try and build a merchant channel through which products would be sold and purchased. Affiliate marketing is expected to evolve into one of the most powerful tools of internet marketing since it also manages to bring in a lot of traffic to an e-commerce portal. Amazon has been a major beneficiary of this system.

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