• Aug 18, 2016

Probable Reasons which hold back Your Employees from Reaching Peak Productivity

Deadlines are a highly dreaded word in our professional world. Since we depend on clients for our revenue, it is very important to deliver their work timely. You would say, ‘What about quality? Yes! Quality is the second most important parameter in client project delivery. Without quality, what is the use of meeting those deadlines? Quality and quantity delivered timely to create a successful business cycle. It also increases the chances of repeat clients and assured business conversions in a highly competitive market. Deadlines can be met by following a few golden rules at work. In the next three and a half minutes, we teach you how to meet your deadlines effectively: Here we go! 1# Stressed out employees = lesser work efficiency = Project deadlines flying out of the window!  Imagine a cent-percent stress free working environment where your employees come in fresh and start delivering right from the word go! With a cup of freshly brewed coffee, they start rolling out projects and simply make a mockery of deadlines. This scenario is true for companies which have a robust workforce and stringent quality control parameters like Six Sigma. But does your enterprise stand at that level? No! Scared and confused? There is nothing to get disheartened. By implementing a stress-free environment, your office can come up a long way in creating a very healthy production center. Have flexible working hours and allow people to work from home since the stress of a long commute can take a toll on your employee’s performance. According to Swedish research, longer commutes have numerous health hazards like:
  • Longer commuting time creates marital discords leading to a high divorce rate
  • Longer commuting time increases the chances of obesity and an ever-expanding waistline
  • High Blood Pressure, hypertension, and diabetes are some of the harmful manifestations of sedentary lifestyle habits
Project deadlines cannot wait for the traffic to thin down or your employees to freshen up! The only solution is a remote hire. A remote team has numerous benefits over a live workforce working on strict deadlines. Go remote! Allow your employees to log in from home and save time and money on transport. 2# Manage limited professional resources by hiring the right people for the right job Highly skilled people take less time to do complex jobs. On the other hand, if the same job is assigned to a less competent team, then the quality of deliverables and time duration would inflate to unmanageable levels. The human resource teams of enterprises should focus on hiring people with more project exposure, preferably across diverse geographical locations. For example, if your PHP developer has worked with Canadian clients, then he would have a very good idea about Canadian culture. Similarly, professionals who have worked with South East Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia would understand their work culture better. 3# Encourage Teamwork  Teamwork is the biggest success mantra in the professional world. Today, large companies dominating the professional scene are banking on high-quality teamwork to deliver the best services to their clients. Having a bunch of highly skilled and experienced professionals does not help alone. They must know how to connect as a team and deliver the best solutions to the clients. Encourage team-building exercises in your enterprise to help you overcome future challenges. When you implement steps 1 – 3 in a cyclic way, you initiate a productivity channel for your business. Corporate success comes after a lot of hard work done in a coordinated manner.
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