• Sep 08, 2016

Every Interviewee should have a Positive Experience

Interviews are the gateway to your dream job. Cracking it is not a piece of cake, and many fail in their attempts to secure a particular position. Rejected candidates carry their interview experiences with them. Such experiences are very important to the reputation of the company in the long run.  Every company conducts face to face interviews. Right from the global giants to the local startups, job interviews become the deciding factor in hiring. Every selection process will have rejections, but do you know that most rejected candidates share their experience with others and create an opinion circle about your enterprise. It is very important to ensure that each candidate coming down for the interview should leave with a good experience. The voice of candidates creates a significant impact on your reputation as a company. Good experiences will increase your brand value and vice versa. It might sound strange, but surveys conducted by companies like Clear Arc have shown startling results. Around 60 percent of the total respondents in the survey had a bad interview experience, and a major portion of them had already shared their experience online. Surprised? Your company’s name might have already featured in that cloud of negative reputation. Do you think an online cloud of negative reputation is suitable for your business?  Absolutely not! People should be talking good about your business. But how would you force people to talk good about your business? It is not possible to force people to speak good about your business. Opinions come naturally, and there is no way you can force it. You can only create a Wow experience! Positive interview experiences will automatically increase your reputation. Your online reputation meter would stand at Excellent! Here are some ways in which A Company can change an Interview Experience Use Video Interviews: Video interviews are one of the best techniques to screen candidates before the ultimate face to face interview. Plus, video interviews seldom give a terrible experience to the candidates. Video interview screening does not leave behind bad memories, and the risk of negative propagation reduces significantly.
  • Help Candidates prepare themselves before the interview: This is one of the most important aspects of a successful interview. Most candidates complain that they seldom get any information regarding the kind of questions they would face during the interview. The only information comes in the form of the name of the interviewer, the location of the interview and the job profile. Giving candidates sufficient time and details about the interview help them prepare for the challenge. Even if the interview process rejects a candidate, he or she will leave with a good experience. At the back of his mind, the candidate will always feel that he got a fair chance to prove his mettle. This encourages the candidates to prepare themselves harder for future challenges.
  • Maintain a good relationship post rejection: To maintain a good relationship with the candidates, the HR representatives of the enterprise should take an active interest in creating a strong professional boning. Rejections do not imply that the candidates do not have any competence. Neither should it end the relationship between the company and the candidate. Rather, there should be regular interaction correspondences between refused candidates and companies so that they can explore any future prospects. In many cases, avoided candidates have taken time off from their personal and professional schedules to increase their professional competence. Most of them have come back stronger and cracked interviews in their second or third attempt. 
A more mature approach towards interview candidates can help to protect a company’s reputation in the long run. Following the right HR policy and an extra human touch creates Win-Win situations where even the refused candidates have a favourable opinion about your brand. Keep your faith in people, and they would do it for you. 
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