Get a custom-made Android App for your Business or Start-up and engage your customers as effective users that give you more profits!!!

Why an Android App?

Almost three-fourths of the world’s smartphones run on the Android platform. Having a business app on the Android platform then becomes indispensable for retaining your existing group of customers and gaining newer ones!!!

Stop wondering, hire the top professional!

Wondering how to create an app for Android? We have the answers for you. If you have an awesome business idea, we have the resources to convert it into an appropriate business app with outstanding features.

Android App Development Company
At VT Designz, we are involved in the profession of successful Android app development for years. We have a team of highly trained developers that have experience and expertise in working on customized Android app development projects.

What to expect from our Android App Development services?

We develop seamlessly integrated up-to-date apps with robust functionality and unmatched features to provide a top-notch user experience that is customized according to your business needs.

There are two approaches to write an Android App: scripting for the Native Android App and for the Hybrid Android App.

The Native Android App is specific to the platform and is built using languages and development tools that only this platform supports. Java, Android Studio, and Google Material are among the most prominently used scripting languages for Native Android Apps. The Native app both looks and performs best as it gets the access it needs to operate on the device’s hardware and the features that are Android-specific.

Hybrid Apps are also known as Write Once, Run Anywhere apps as they run on several platforms including Android with the same coding. They are developed making use of advanced web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. The final lines of coding are given the native container wrap and handed over as a regular app.

Talk to us and we will explain

In case you are confused about how and why you should create one or the other app, our experts are here to clarify your doubts. In fact, both have their specific advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before choosing the one that best suits your business needs.

The benefits of the Android App for businesses are immense:

  1. Low development costs: Android is an open-source platform and can have free access to SDK, the Android software development kit making the development a low-key investment affair.
  2. Easy to customize: Android apps can have numerous customized functions making the apps extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. The possibility of integrating data management functions, multimedia, and communication tools makes the updates easy.
  3. Popular wearable app platform: With wearable becoming more and more popular, Android is increasingly being used as the platform to promote the different apps for users.
  4. Offers greater profitability: With Android having the largest number of users, businesses that offer Bring Your Own Device can reach out to customers of different economic bases and earn more business. 
  5. Greater security and error-free: Apps built on the Android platform are safe from the attack of Malware. Also, in case any errors are detected, they can be easily rectified using Javascript.

Apps by the veterans of the trade!!!

The VTDesignz Android App Developers have successfully developed apps making use of the best-in-class Android architecture. We do this as we have a fine understanding of the Android ecosystem to build apps for the entire gamut of Android gadgets such as Android Smartphones, Tablets, Wearable, and Android TV.

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